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Updates voor Ad Aware 6 zullen binnenkort stoppen

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  • Updates voor Ad Aware 6 zullen binnenkort stoppen

    Lees dit topic voor meer informatie:

    Ad Aware zegt hier nog 1 update uit te brengen voor Ad Aware 6, en er hierna mee op te houden voor Ad Aware 6.

    Als je nog steeds Ad Aware 6 gebruikt, update dan zo snel mogelijk naar Ad Aware SE:

    Edit: Maak ik even sticky topic van tot enkele dagen na de laatste update
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    Dear Customer

    Important notice for users of Ad-Aware 6 all versions

    Please upgrade to Ad-Aware SE.
    We are now discontinuing reference file and product support for Ad-Aware 6
    and urge users to upgrade their existing copies to the new Ad-Aware SE. We
    continued support of the older version of Ad-Aware to allow users time to
    upgrade while still enjoying the protection they have come to expect from
    our software.

    If you registered via Element 5 or ShareIt!

    If you are a registered user and still require an upgrade to Ad-Awware SE please login at
    the following site to request new download information:

    If you registered via RegNet

    You can find RegNet's contact form here:
    Or phone them at:
    U.S. Orders 1 800 WWW 2 REG (1 800 999-2734)
    International Orders +1 719 576-0123

    Once you ave obtained your details from RegNet please contact
    [email protected] for your upgrade information.

    If you are a freeware user

    For our Personal (freeware) edition users Please visit our downloads page
    and select the mirror site of your choice to download a new copy of Ad-Aware

    General information

    The Ad-Aware SE installer now includes the ability to detect and uninstall a
    previous installation of Ad-Aware so uninstalling prior to download is no
    longer required. Just follow the instructions and prompts during the
    installation process to complete the new installation.

    With kind regards

    Your Lavasoft Support Team
    Support opgeheven voor Ad-aware 6.0.

    Stap over over Ad-aware SE

    Het rapaille dat per Przewalskipaard arriveerde bij het feeëriek gesitueerde etablissement - komma -

    "Verwar de waarheid niet met de mening van de meerderheid"


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