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    [1staid] [1staid]

    Can someone help me....

    For some reason i cannot pin more than 14 emoticons in msn messenger.
    I have tried de-installing it then re-installing it and then de-installing it and then re-installing version 7.5 but nothing seems to solve the problem.

    I have installed hitman pro thinking that it maybe somekind of spyware that my usual antispyware didn't pickup. But no luck.

    Can anyone help me...??

    much appreciated.


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      why can't you add more then 14. Do you get an errormessage?
      I would advice not to use 7.5. It's a beta version. Just 7.x0 is fine.

      Do you have MSN Plus! installed?

      How long does this problem excist?

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        Hi Eagle Creek,

        Nope no error message at all.
        I click on the emoticon then the button "pin" highlights up for me to click. once clicked it stays highlighted for me to click again so thats already pretty strange.
        It adds the emo to the correct place but when i close the window it hasn't pinned it at all.

        It started already with version 7.0. and so i thought maybe if i upgraded it that the problem would be solved. but nope no luck.

        Strange thing is that anyother user using msn. all the emo's are there and they can get up to 40 all pinned and proper.

        This problem exist for 1month


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